Can Vietnam Become a New Production Center of The World?

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Vietnam now is a machining and production center, just behind Singapore on the total investment amount of China.

China is following the model of the Japanese economy and then has higher production costs. Therefore, Chinese enterprises are now diverting into neighboring countries to find the location for new manufacturing facilities.

With great potential for growth, young population structure and lower wage costs, Vietnam will benefit from the development of infrastructure associated with competition for positions in regional influence between China and other major economies.

This is an opportunity for Vietnam to improve its position in the value chain by becoming a global center of production of low-value commodities.

To enhance accessing to investment capitals, becoming a center of manufacturing, global outsourcing and enhancing the position in the value chain, in the long term, Vietnam will actively screening the list of projects FDI under the strategy and development-oriented by the Government.

Vietnam needs to invest in education and training to develop workforce skills. In addition, Vietnam also needs to focus more on investment in environmental infrastructure, especially in transportation and services.

Along with the continuous integration in ASEAN and by the importance of this region for the 4 largest economies in the world, Vietnam has many advantages to attract multinational companies to invest in order to take use existing opportunities of Southeast Asia area.

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