Vietnam Real Estate Sector Review

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Real estate is one of the sector with important position and role for the national economy, have a direct relationship with the financial and monetary market, the construction market, building materials market and the labor market… The sustainable development and effective management of this sector will contribute significantly to promoting economic-social development, creating the ability to attract investment capital, contributing to the development, industrialization and modernization of the country.

There have been more favorable developments for the country’s economy in 2015 and 2015. The prices of oil continued to fall; GDP grows at stable rate around 6%. The inflation rate was controlled at 4.09% average; reduced deposit rates, lending rates were adjusted down to 10%. Foreign direct investment in Vietnam reached US $ 20.23 billion, exceeding 19% compared to the target (17 billion dollars) and expected in increase in 2016.

Mr. Nguyen Tran Nam, Former Deputy Minister of Construction, president of the Vietnam Real Estate Association, said the real estate market has been recovering, particularly in 2015. There were 40,000 successful transactions, increased 75% compared to 2014 in only Hanoi and HCM. In addition, the Vietnamese laws have changed which allow foreigners and Vietnamese people living abroad to own real estate in Vietnam from January 7/2015. The metro construction projects in Hanoi and HCMC, modern road system construction suchas Nhat Tan Bridge,  Long Thanh – DauGiay highway …  are also factors contributing to boost the real estate market.

Along with these positive factors, the volatility of the financial markets due to the impact of political issues and global movement (the gold market, securities, forex have reduce the lending rate) has turned the property into a safe place for investment at the moment.

In the current favorable environment, the property becomesa channel to attract investors who want to own property not to live but to invest in. This is an appropriate time for investment after nearly 7 years. In a report, Mr. Marc Townsend, Managing Director of CBRE Vietnam, saidthat ” in 2015 the real estate market will witness the spectacular comeback of property speculators”

According this report, if in 2014, cheap apartment was considered as the hottest segment of the market, in 2015, the segment of medium and high-end apartments returned to be the hottest attraction. According to data from CBRE, yielding from investing in luxury apartments in Vietnam is quite high compared to other countries in the region (7- 8% compared to 3% in Singapore, 4-6% Bangkok and 4% in Hong Kong). With a minimum profit margin of 7-8% a year and the highest one at 15-20%, this segment is attracting the attention of real estate speculators.

The project with big scale which delayed during freezing period such as Goldmark City, Sapphire Palace, Gemek Tower in Hanoi, Vista Verde, the Park Residence, Le Meridien, City Gate Towers, has been released to sell up.

As reported by CBRE, in the quarter 4/2014, in HCM, it was recorded that 6670 apartments were offered, increased 117.8% from the previous quarter and 150.2% over the same period last year. For the whole 2014, it was sated that 60% of 14 807 apartments from 37 projects were offered while this figure was 47% in Hanoi of total 16,200 units from 31 projects.

In terms of price, the projects inside the city and surrounding areas with developed infrastructure continue to attract buyers and tends to keep the price high. The average selling price luxury apartments in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are in the range of US $ 1500-1700 / m2, apartment Range US $ 1,000 / m2, the budget – US $ 700 / m2.

The companies with foreign investors are allowed to sublet the property which has been leased or acquire buildings which has been built. This contributes to dynamic of office properties in Vietnam. According to CBRE’s report, in 2014, many office buildings have adopted methods of long-term lease or buy off the area. In 2015, this trend will be more popular in terms of office building.

In the segment of real estate retail, restructuring the dynamics of retail businesses such as Parkson Hanoi Co. and the close of Parkson shopping center in Keangnam Landmark Tower Complex (Hanoi) showed very strong pressure this segment due to increase in supply and competition. With more than 90 million people, Vietnam is a leading nations in the Asia – Pacific region in terms of growth of retail market (9.3% versus 6.3% in Hong Kong, 4.5 1.7% of Malaysia and Singapore). Thus, the segment of retail market is still promising.

A series of big brand to expand the retail network such as as Aeon Group (Japan) plans to open 20 hypermarkets in Vietnam. Vinmart plans to build 9 shopping center, 100 supermarkets and 1,000 Vinmart convenience stores in 2017. Lotte Group (Korea) announced that it would open 60 supermarkets in Vietnam in 2020…

However, in 2015, the new game will be very intensed. According to the CBRE, in 2015-2016, the market will welcome nearly 800.000m2 retail space from 24 projects. Therefore, retailer market will be faced a new challenges. Rising operating costs, the development of electronic commerce and improved knowledge of consumer in purchase decision will be the factors that led to high level of market competition.

Also in 2015-2016, villa projects seem to become very attractive investment in Vietnam. In 2016, Vingroup will launch the resort in Da Nang, Nha Trang, Quy Nhon, PhuQuoc that combines financial investment to attract investors. Especially, at the beginning of March, the Group will launch VingroupVinpearl Resort & Villas project in Long Beach – Nha Trang.

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