TATA Build Instant Coffee Factory in Vietnam

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Vietnam has always been an attractive market for foreign enterprises to come and set up business in Vietnam and most recently, TATA Coffee Ltd – a subsidiary of TATA Group has become the first company in India building instant coffee factory in Vietnam.

TATA Coffee is a wholly-owned subsidiary of TATA Global Beverages (TATA Group) – Asia’s largest coffee company and one of the largest instant coffee exporters in India.

The ground-breaking ceremony of instant coffee factory in Vietnam marked the beginning of a coffee factory project with capacity of 5,000 tons of instant coffee per year of TATA Coffee Ltd in VSIP II Industrial Park (Binh Duong).

TATA Coffee Factory is set to start production in 2019, aiming to serve its global clients with a new mix of instant coffee.

According to CEO of TATA Coffee Ltd, TATA Group has a close relationship with Vietnam in various fields such as automobile, steel, trade, energy and watches. With this investment, the beverage industry will also become a major area of TATA’s participation in the investment here. Although TATA’s products have been exported to more than 40 countries around the world, instant coffee so far has only been produced in India.

Vietnam has marked TATA’s first breakthrough outside the Indian borders as a manufacturer, so this is TATA’s milestone on the journey to become a global company specializing in coffee. TATA Coffee will make every effort in coffee processing operations with a special focus on safe working conditions. The project will contribute positively to foreign exchange earnings and create more local jobs.

It is reported that Vietnam is currently the world’s largest producer of Robustas, which is conducive to providing a favorable raw material for the plant.

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