President of Ireland visit Vietnam and Promote Investment

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President Michael D. Higgins has begun a State visit to Vietnam to promote cooperation with Vietnam and encourage Irish businesses’s investment and setting up companies in various sectors, including trade – investment, education – training, green technology, wind energy, agriculture, health and sustainable development.

Vietnam and Ireland trade turnover has grown strongly in recent years (particularly for first 9 months of 2016, which reached USD 798 million, more than 3 times compared to the same period of 2015). Vietnam agrees to create favorable conditions and encourage enterprises Ireland to set-up company in Vietnam to promote trading, technology transfer, especially in the areas of investing in renewable (wind) energy projects, agriculture and food processing, information, communication, medical, and aviation…, especially in the context of the free Trade Agreement between Vietnam and the EU is about to be signed and implemented. The two sides also agreed to consider education, training as key areas of cooperation in the future and encourages higher education establishments of the two countries.

It is appreciated that Government of Ireland considers Vietnam as a priority partner in development cooperation policy, and that projects funded by Ireland have been effectively implemented, which contribute significantly to the Vietnam social economic development. According to President Michael D. Higgins, Ireland will soon announce the national strategy for development cooperation with Vietnam in the period 2017 – 2020 to support poverty reduction, adaptation to climate change and implementation of the sustainable development objectives.

Wishing to strengthen the friendship and mutual understanding between the people of Vietnam and Ireland, the two sides agreed to promote cultural exchanges, art and promote the role of the Vietnamese community Vietnam in Ireland, contributing to boosting bilateral cooperation in other fields.

The state visit of Ireland President will definitely open a new chapter of economic relationship between Vietnam and Ireland, laying grounds for further investment from Irish investors in various sectors, especially in wind energy investment, aviation, education, technology, medical and many other opportunities, through direct investment i.e. setting up companies, investing in projects in Vietnam in various forms.

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