Korean Investors Research to Invest in Solar Power Projects in Quang Tri Province

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IL Yang Industrial Company (Korea) is planning to invest in Vietnam, conducting research, study, proceed to set up company building solar power plant in Quang Tri province, Vietnam.

On December 22nd, IL Yang Industrial Company (Korea) had a meeting with Quang Tri People’s Committee to discuss their investment in solar power project in Quang Tri province. Previously IL Yang Industrial Company had a field trip in Hai Lang and Vinh Linh district, Quang Tri province.

According to IL Yang Industrial Company, through surveys, the Company found that Quang Tri is a potential province to develop solar power. Therefore, in the coming time, the Company will continue to work with the province and other sectors to better understand the indicators to study, proceed to invest in building solar power plant in Hai Lang district with the capacity of 500MW and Vinh Linh district with the capacity of 200MW.

At the meeting, IL Yan Industrial Company expressed their wish to exchange relevant information as well as support and create favorable conditions from Quang Tri province’s leaders to study the project.

According to the People’s Committee of Quang Tri province, Quang Tri province is currently planning to attract investment projects in the field of industry, with priority in the areas of competitive advantage and environmentally friendly industries. In fact, there have been some solar power projects in the area.

The proposed investment in solar power plants in Hai Lang and Vinh Linh of IL Yang Company with advanced technology is suitable with the planning policy of locality. Since then, Quang Tri province is ready to cooperate, create conditions for the company to complete procedures and apply the maximum support policies of the province.

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