Investor Thomas Kramer plans to visit Vietnam in July 2013

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ANT Consulting – Apr 24th, 2013 – The successful venture investor Thomas Kramer announced to visit famous locations of Vietnam as part of his travelling around the world trip.

Thomas Kramer started venturing since his school time. Today, the investor Thomas Kramer is well known for his global stock exchange activities and his construction projects in Miami. Mr Kramer will be visiting Vietnam for six days to see Ho Chi Minh City, Hue, Da Nang, Halong Bay and the capital city Hanoi.

Besides, he also intends to meet other entrepreneurs of Vietnam and to outline plans for his next investments in Vietnam. Of course, exchange of experiences for his success will take place between the entrepreneurs during these meetings.

Thomas Kramer himself stated that he is looking forward to visit Vietnam many time in the future. Before, Mike Zuckerberg, the top of Facebook and Gorge Soros, the US billionaire also visited Vietnam.

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