Apple’s Co-founder Comes to Vietnam

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Apple’s Co-founder Steve Wozniak will attend Vietnam SMAC Conference 2015 and share IT experience with 400 businessmen in Ho Chi Minh City on December 2nd 2015.

If Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs is remembered as the person who bring Apple to the world then Steve Wozniak is the great technical brain of Apple that help to create the first computer, starting of many following success.

While the technology trends are changing daily, there are still many Vietnam enterprises that are confused with the application of technology in business. Organized by MobiFone Telecommunications Corporation, SMAC Conference 2015 with the participation of Steve Wozniak and leaders of many leading technology corporations in Vietnam is an opportunity for the businessman community to update the technology trends worldwide, as well as meet and share experiences in the application of information technology, IT services solutions in administration and business.

Attending this event, Steve Wozniak will bring information about future technologies such as Big Data, Cloud… with full of fun and an open mindset. There are also creative stories in technology business with inspiration.

SMAC Conference 2015 with the participation of 400 entrepreneurs is considered as the biggest event in 2015 for Vietnam businessman community. This conference is expected to be the first of many annual events in the future, where Vietnam businessman community can meet and share experiences, while seeking investment opportunities with the world leading businessman and investor in technology sector.

In 1976, Steve Wozniak cooperated with Steve Jobs to establish Apple Computer Inc. with the first product was the “Apple I” personal computer designed by Wozniak.

A year later, Steve Wozniak continued to introduce the “Apple II” personal computer with beautiful graphics. Apple II became an integral component, playing role as the revolution, bringing the computer industry into a new period.

Never complacent and rest on success, Steve Wozniak came back to studying at UC Berkeley University and completed a university degree specialized in electronic engineer and computer science.

Until now, at the age of 65, Steve Wozniak still hard to arouse and transmit a burning passion in mathematics and electronics to students and high school teachers in the US and worldwide. For years, he was a positive factor in many business projects and charities to promote the use of computers in schools, emphasizing learning through practical initiative and encourage the creation of students.

Significantly investing both time and energy for educational activities, he sponsored many modern technology facilities for teaching and learning purposes of students and teachers in California’s schools. He founded the Electronic Frontier Foundation and also become the founding sponsor of the Tech Museum, Silicon Valley Ballet Theatre and the Museum of Discovery for children of San Jose.

As a leading scientist in the field of primary data, he is the author of New York Times’ best-selling autobiography “iWoz: From Computer Addict to a Cult Symbol” (Publisher Norton).

Besides focusing on science and charity, Wozniak also participate in interviews and presentations about electronic technology, helping business and the public around the world to have better understand about the technology and the application of new technologies in life. In this role, he is a talented speaker with success stories from the lessons learned during the strong rise of Apple.

For his outstanding achievements at Apple, Wozniak was awarded many prestigious medals as Hoover – medal for the engineers have devoted to humanity, the National Medal of the US President for the excellent people in technology sector, the greatest honor for leading innovator of US. His name is also been saved in the Hall of Fame in the field of patents and received the prestigious Heinz Award in the technology sector.

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