How to minimize risks buying from Vietnam sellers in the new era?

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Currently, the purchase and sale of international goods are very popular from Vietnam and around the world, taking the advantage of Vietnam the signing a number of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs), and the application of technology 4.0 in the business helping the international transaction of goods just got easier.  However there are many risks involved in the meantime for international buyer purchasing goods from Vietnam sellers if due diligence on the seller, whether being corporates or individuals are not under taken.

In the international goods sale and purchase using technology, the best benefits are that, the parties in the transaction do not need to meet, negotiate, and check goods before buying. All of the international goods purchase and sale activities are done via the internet means such as Website, Email, Social media,… which help parties save time and costs when doing the purchase. However, the use of digital technology in the goods sale and purchase transactions still has many hidden risks that the buyer cannot foresee.

Specifically, in the process of discussion of the purchase and sale of international goods, there are many cases where the Vietnam seller does not provide the expected quantity of goods or the goods are meet the minimum quality requested by the buyer, but the seller still signs the contract and require the buyer make the deposit/payment before delivery.  Some time, all the transactions are conducted via social media and there is no contract at all.  Unless the transaction is small, it is always suggested a proper contract to be properly signed with the envision of potential disputes might arise.

Further, there might be fraudulent activities involved taking advantage of the urgent needs of buyers whom skip the process of verifying the business partner for business existence, reputation, financial capability, bad history, and potential fraudulent acts.  In some cases, the seller could go further to forge legal documents, quality certificates, … to create confidence for the buyer in performing the contract. Some lure buyers by creating fake websites, fake contracts, fake phone numbers, …using alias names to avoid being traced when taking fraudulent activities.

With significant transaction, the buyer could minimize risks through the helps of local partner on the ground to check the seller’s legal documents including corporate documents to be able to trace back the and if the seller does not perform, at least they could be located for legal action.  The buyer could send people to physically check the seller’s office, factory to ensure that the seller operates at the registered address.   Before making a deposit, the buyer could check if the beneficiary’s account matches the seller’s registered account.  The more information about the partner, the better.  The buyer needs to thoroughly check the information that their partners provide including phone numbers, emails, bank accounts, business registration certificate, and other legal documents … If involved significant transactions, more emphasis on risk management especially understanding business partners through corporate intelligence investigation, background studying adverse media search on company, owners, shareholders, business managers through professional background check consultants in Vietnam whom understand languages, cultures, legal environment and business practices could help.

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