Paving the Way for Semiconductor Markey Entry into Vietnam

Vietnam’s burgeoning semiconductor industry is making significant strides, positioning itself as a key player in the multibillion-dollar global semiconductor sector. In a joint statement on the Comprehensive Partnership between Vietnam and the United States, during the visit by US President Biden in Hanoi on Sep 10th and 11th, 2023, both nations acknowledged Vietnam’s enormous potential … Read More

Vietnam’s Investment Renaissance: Attracting Global Capital in 2023

It has been reported in Aug 2023 that both registered investment capital and realized capital investing in Vietnam continue to rise again. This shows that Vietnam’s foreign investment attraction is gradually getting better, after a long period of decline, due to Covid-19, especially investment in high-tech sector in Vietnam. Signs of prosperity According to the … Read More


What benefits the investors to start an LLC in Vietnam?

Vietnam is quickly emerging as a top destination for investment and business opportunities. To start an LLC in Vietnam is a great way for investors to capitalize on these opportunities while taking advantage of the country’s favorable legal and economic environment. What is LLC in Vietnam? Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a legal business structure … Read More


Korean President visits Vietnam: Projects up to billion USD are about to be invested in Vietnam

In Jun 2023, the Ministry of Planning and Investment of Vietnam, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Korea and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of the Republic of Korea chaired the organization of the Vietnam – Korea economic forum 2023 reflect the 30 years of relationship and discuss the new … Read More

Set-up Limited Liability Company in Vietnam

Set up Limited Liability Company in Vietnam

Vietnam has become an attractive destination for investors in recent years thanks to its strong economic growth and favourable business climate. One of the most popular forms of business entity for companies operating in Vietnam is the to set up limited liability company in Vietnam (LLC). An LLC is a legal entity that is separate … Read More

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