WB’s Director “constitutional design” to improve the business environment in Vietnam

Vietnam has made a special impression in the process to reform administrative, especially the tax procedures, social security, affirmed that Vietnam has built a social insurance system well.

11-Feb afternoon, Nguyen Tan Dung Prime Minister had a meeting with the National Director of World Bank in Vietnam – Mrs. Victoria Kwakwa. At the meeting , the Prime Minister welcomed the World Bank has supported, advised Vietnam to reform in banking and financial system, reaffirmed their determination to built the financial system, banks in accordance with international practices, transparency, effectiveness.

Appreciate the comments of Ms. Victoria Kwakwa about improving business investment environment in Vietnam, the Prime Minister wants  the World Bank make analyze report of Vietnam’s business environment closely to clear the subject that need reform, inform in any direction. At the same time, affirmed the determination of the Vietnam Government is to promote the reform business investment environment with the goal of not inferior to the ASEAN-6 contries.

According to  Nguyen Tan Dung Prime Minister, to reform state-owned enterpries, Vietnam has gone parallel in two directions to the equitization to diversify ownership and management business in the market mechanism.  This is the way to Vietnam improve govermance and business performance of state-owned enterprises.

Nguyen Tan Dung Prime Minister affirmed Vietnam Government paid special attention to the formation of a legal framework to attract investment in the form of collaborative public – private partnership (PPP), the World Bank proposed to facilitate PPP traffic project from Long Thanh – Dau Giay to Phan Thiet; This is the typical project, a model for other forms of Public- Private Partnerships, the World Bank wants to promote interest in early deployments.

The Prime Minister agreed with the comments of Mrs. Victoria Kwakwa about the consequences of climate change, stating Vietnam is heavily affected by climate change, the Vietnam’s Government particularly interested, see here not just the immediate challenges but also the long-term challenge, threatening the sustainable development of the country.

Prime Minister concurred with the view approach to cope with varying multidisciplinary thinking, in each region can not separate local opinion Victoria Kwakwa and said the Government had planned Vietnam War strategies to cope with climate change, cooperation the Dutch Government launched the program in response with sea level rise for Cuu Long delta.

Prime Minister also welcomed the World Bank spent $300 million for projects to cop with climate change, expressed his desire World Bank continues to support Vietnam in the coastal forests to cope with climate change.

Sharing your view of the World Bank on the reform administrative procedures of Vietnam, Mrs. Victoria Kwakwa said Vietnam has made a special impression in the process of administrative reform, especially the Tax procedures, social cecurity, affirmed that Vietnam has built a social insurance system well.

According to Kwakwa, during the many local Vietnam has made good administrative, reducing the time to register and hopefully next time, Vietnam continues to have breakthough in this field.

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