Trade cooperation between Vietnam and Germany and potential future

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After 45 years of establishing diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Germany (from 1975 to 2020), Germany and Vietnam have had cooperation programs in many fields such as culture, economics, education, and health. Especially, after the Vietnam-EU Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) came into effect, the commercial cooperation relationship between the two countries has developed.

EVFTA is an opportunity for Vietnamese businesses to expand their markets to European countries, including Germany. On the contrary, this is also an opportunity for German businesses to invest in Vietnam to set up company thanks to policies to attract and preferential investment commitments.

Germany is the world’s leading technologically developed country and an integral part of the global supply chain. Germany also has many strict requirements on the quality of goods and the environmental friendliness of products, which requires Vietnam to improve production quality and use environmentally friendly products/materials. With the signing of the EVFTA, Vietnam and Germany will have more favorable conditions for technology exchange and investment, which will help trade cooperation between the two countries more developed.

Before 2014, Vietnamese goods exported to Germany were the least polluted category, including agricultural products, wood products, processed foods, beverages, garments, footwear and glassware. Since 2014, the export of machinery and equipment to Germany began to increase and became the item with the highest export turnover. After EVFTA, Vietnam will increase exports of footwear, textiles and agricultural products such as coffee, tea, pepper and rubber and will import many products related to processing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals.

In addition, in order to improve product quality to meet import criteria into Germany and Europe, Vietnam also attracts foreign investment to develop sustainably economic sectors such as pharmaceuticals and chemicals, in order to create quality products that are qualified for domestic use and import to many countries around the world.

Currently, the number of investment projects of German investors implementing in Vietnam is not high compared to other countries such as Japan, Korea, Singapore, etc. This requires Vietnam to re-examine its strengths and weaknesses in order to meet the investment needs of German investors. The implementation of EVFTA, Investment Law 2020, Enterprise Law 2020 is an opportunity for international investors, including German investors to easily access Vietnam market when expanding their investment.

With many cooperation efforts between Vietnam and Germany in recent years, Vietnam hopes that in the coming years, Vietnam will be the leading destination in investment for German investors and help improve furthermore good relationship between the two countries in the future.

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