Signs of possible corporate frauds to notice and avoid

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Vietnam has signed many Free Trade Agreements with many countries and regions around the world, which makes international economic exchange easier. However, the expansion of international trade also makes many businesses at risk when they encounter fraudulent customers in their business.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, in 2020, the Trade and Embassy of Vietnam in the a number of countries continuously received invitations to sell, buy goods and sign commercial transaction contracts which have signs of fraud and scams.

Despite many warnings and notices, but due to subjective psychology, high profits, limited foreign trade operations, lack of understanding of customers, difficulties due to epidemics, many businesses cannot directly meeting, checking goods,… using online transactions, which causes businesses to take advantage of fraudulent acts.

Some ways of commercial fraud activities such as: Unpaid delivery; Forging documents even bank papers to get goods; Set the person to get export documents; Using hackers to infiltrate the email addresses of two parties that are having transactions, track the progress of the negotiation, when the buyer prepares to transfer money to buy goods, hack the mailbox (or create an email account with the exact same address as the seller’s email) to send fraudulent account information. After the buyer transfers money to the fraudulent account, they will immediately withdraw the money and disappear; Using advantage of carelessness and unprofessionalism of domestic enterprises such as not asking a reputable inspection organization to check the goods before delivery, not verifying information about partner enterprises… to transfer goods with no value, not in accordance with the contract, or to notify the damaged or poor quality goods to pressure the price, deduct the debt or claim compensation …

Some signs of identifying fraudulent businesses which one should pay attention are: the price negotiation, the contract takes place easily, quickly, less bargaining, accepting high prices; Deposit to receive investment money; Do not provide or provide documents of many different legal entities; Opening L/C at a non-reputable bank in a third country; Business license is about to expire …

In order to avoid working with fraudulent partners, businesses need to improve their professional expertise, legal knowledge, and thoroughly understand their partners before making transactions, especially the new partner is dealing for the first time.

The current commodity prices could be updated through market information or on international commodity websites. Therefore, when there is a request for goods to be paid too high, or too low compared to the prices in the market, the enterprises need to pay close attention and carefully check their reliability.

It is also possible to reduce the risks through the professional service of local risks management in Vietnam for conducting of business due diligence, business license record checking, site visit survey, shareholders or directorship checking, criminal record certificate checking, business reputation verification, public reputation search, research for records of enterprises, research for the reputation of the company, …

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