5 benefits for investors to set up company in Danang

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As one of the strategic economic centers of Vietnam’s central region, investors might find many benefits to set up company in Da Nang.

The Vietnam prime minister has established central region’s strategic economic center, including 05 provinces and cities: Thua Thien Hue, Da Nang, Quang Nam, Quang Ngai and Binh Dinh to promote potential, geographical location and competitive advantages and step by step develop this economic region to become one of the most dynamic economic region in the country. In particular, Da Nang is defined as the role of nuclear motivation for promoting the development of the central region and the highlands.


Da Nang – eastern gateway of east – west economic corridor (EWEC)

EWEC is one of five economic corridor developed by the initiative of the Asia development bank in the greater Mekong sub – region.

Currently, the road system in Laos, Thailand and the road line from Da Nang to Savannakhet are completed. The second international bridge spanning the Mekong river was completed in the end of  2006 to facilitate the circulation of goods and passengers by road line from Da Nang to the northeastern provinces of Thailand and vice versa. East-west economic corridor not only provide an opportunity for the country on the path of promoting regional cooperation and improve living standards for the people but also enable businesses better access to the raw materials market services, capital, labor and technology with the purpose of creating favorable conditions for investment and trade across the border and diversifying economic activity and exports and promoting tourism development

Da Nang – entrance of the cultural heritage and natural wonders of the world

Da Nang is located in the heart of the “world heritage road”, stretching from the central coast of Vinh city to Da Lat city. From Da Nang, along the national highway 1A, visitors can access quickly and conveniently four of five world heritages in Vietnam, including Phong Nha – Ke Bang national park (about 300 km from the north of Da Nang), the ancient capital of Hue (about 100km from the north), Hoi An (about 30km from the southeast) and My Son (about 70 km from the southwest).

With the advantage of geographical location and potential economic development in tourism, Da Nang is an ideal destination for tourists as well as investors.

Infrastructure is step by step improved

Da Nang is an important traffic hub of the central  – highlands and country with system of international airports, deep sea ports, roads, north-south railways  developed conveniently.

Da Nang port is the third largest commercial ports in Vietnam after Saigon port and the port of Hai Phong. With a depth of 11m wharf, warehouse systems and equipment upgraded by capital funds of the government of Japan, Da Nang port can receive ships with a capacity of 45,000 dwt and others such as container ships, passenger ships, cargo ships. Da Nang is the international shipping route enabling to go to Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan and Korea.

Da Nang international airport is one of the three best airports in Vietnam. In addition to domestic flights, there are weekly international flights directly from Da Nang to Singapore, Bangkok, Taipei. In the near future, the airport will open more routes to Hong Kong, Japan and Korea. Da Nang international airport is currently being upgraded and expanded to meet the needs of increasing passengers and cargo.

The system of roads in and out of the city are constantly being expanded and newly constructed

Telecommunication systems: Da Nang is one of three major Telecommunication centers of the country, international transmission speed with good quality of  Southeast Asia. Da Nang post provides various and modern telecommunication services and be capable meeting the needs of customers.

The other services supporting investment (financial, banking, insurance): most banks and finance companies of Vietnam have large branches in Da Nang. Some branches of foreign banks and international insurance companies are operating effectively in the city. These services have increasingly been improved better to meet the needs of investors.

Trained and abundant human resources

Da Nang has abundant human resources (over 50% of the population of the city), mostly young labor. Number of employees with technical expertise trained account nearly a quarter of the labor force. Labor costs in Da Nang are lower than some other cities in the country.

Da Nang is one of the provinces in the country with the high educational development index which create a favorable platform for the development of human resources of the city to perform the goal of improving the quality of human resources, quality of life. The city has about 14 universities, 15 colleges and professional schools with nearly 140,000 students. This system performs training in most areas of science, engineering, information technology, economics, business administration, language and pedagogy… Da Nang university also cooperates with universities of countries with an advanced education such as France, US, Japan, Australia, Canada, New Zealand …

Software technology center in Da Nang is one of the leading software producers in Vietnam and is the leading training center of the central region. Over the years, the software technology center  has cooperated closely with companies of India (aptech) and Japan (aots) to train programmers, technicians and engineers reaching the international standard. Many IT company has chosen Da Nang to set up company in Da Nang to hold their talents for international projects.

In addition, the city also has about 55 vocational training centers which often provide short-term training courses in computer science, sewing, mechanics, electricity – electronics, construction techniques, etc …

Quality of life

Along with the process of urbanization, economic growth in recent years has helped to material life and spirit of the people of Da Nang continuously improved.

Unlike other large cities in Vietnam, next to the bustle of urban development, living in Da Nang always bring a sense of peace, comfort and closeness to nature. Da Nang is one of the very few cities in Vietnam having a harmonious combination between high mountains, deep forests, long beach, deep river. After work, you can easily find space to relax beside the river or on beautiful beaches.

Da Nang today is a city with a healthy cultural environment, with urban civilized lifestyle, literacy levels elevated, beautiful natural scenery. It can be said that the investors might find it is exciting to live, work, travel  and invest to set up company in Da Nang.  

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