Nestlé Set up the 6th Factory in Vietnam

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This is the 6th plant of Nestlé in Vietnam and the 2nd factory located in Hung Yen. The project has investment capital of 70 million USD, which is expected to come into operation in 2017.

Nestlé Vietnam Company has just started construction of a new factory in Thang Long II Industrial Park in Hung Yen. As reported by the company, the new plant with capital investment of 70 million USD was built on an area of 10 hectares and expected to go into operation in 2017, creating jobs for hundreds of local workers.

In 3 years, Nestlé has continually set up new plants and expand existing plants. The investment activities are continued to expand expressed the firm belief in the rapid development of Vietnam’s economy. At the same time, assessing that Vietnam is having many advantages in attracting investment with a young and dynamic population, growing consumer markets and favorable business environment.

Nestlé Group specializes in manufacturing and supplying nutrition and health products. Founded in 1866 and headquartered in Vevey, Switzerland, till now, the group has developed 447 plants in 86 countries with 339,000 employees, owns more than 2,000 brands with 10,000 products.

Estimating that every day, there are about 1 billion of Nestlé products are sold worldwide. Nestlé operates in Southeast Asia since the early years of the last century, the first sales offices located in Saigon in 1912. In 1995, Nestlé Vietnam was born. So far the total investment capital of Nestlé in Vietnam reached over 520 million USD, employs approximately 2,000 employees and operates 5 plants.

Earlier, in 1992, Nestlé joint ventured with Long An Trading Company to founded La Vie Co., Ltd. In 2001, the company continues to build La Vie mineral water plant in Nhu Quynh town, Van Lam district, Hung Yen with registered capital of more than 10.3 million USD.

As noted by the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, Nestlé Vietnam is one of the 100% foreign investments that have invested very soon in Vietnam. Since going into operation so far, the company has maintained a fairly annual growth rate, especially in 2015, the growth rate of the company reached approximately 15%.

According to the Swiss Ambassador in Vietnam, Switzerland is in the list of 20 largest investors in the world. In Vietnam, investment projects of Swiss firms are growing significantly. The Swiss company has been operating in Vietnam for many years, contributing more than 2 billion USD of investment capital in Vietnam, bringing the Swiss became the 4th largest investor in Vietnam, surpassing Germany.

Finding the right business partner in Vietnam is also important. We recommend doing research on the reputation of the company and individual shareholders, corporate or individual, gathering publicly available company information, and performing background checks on key personnel to find potential risks in cooperation. Working with a reliable partner can help achieve economic benefits, saving time and money in business.

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