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Market research is an important operation. If the market research is well done, it provides accurate information to help marketers make an appropriate strategy and then, bring high efficiency in business. In other words, if the result of market research is inaccurate information and does not correctly reflect the actual market situation, marketing activities will … Read More

Intelligence compliance in Vietnam

A Chain of 130 Restaurants in Japan Want to Conquer the Vietnamese market

Gyu Shige – a Japanese restaurant brand decided to enter and set up business in Vietnam, aims to open 70 branches in Vietnam in the next 5 years. According to Mr Kentaro Takada, Global Development Director of Gyu Shige Bbq Restaurant chain, after a year of operation in Vietnam, the company aims to set up … Read More

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Thailand: Long-term Investors in Vietnam Market

Thailand is one of the few investors involving in a lot of industries in Vietnam, they set up business in Vietnam for years and this trend has not shown signs of decline. Thailand was one of the first foreign investors came to Vietnam in 1992. To date, Thai investors have committed to invest in Vietnam … Read More

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