Researching a company's reputation in Vietnam1

Research for the reputation of the company in Vietnam: Risk Management

Risk management is a vital element when doing business but so far, not many enterprises concern about it.   Researching a company’s reputation in Vietnam is an essential component of risk management for several reasons. In an increasingly interconnected and competitive global business landscape, understanding a company’s reputation can provide valuable insights into potential risks and … Read More

Risk Advisory in Vietnam

Potential risk of online transaction in Vietnam and its consequences

The 4.0 Industrial Revolution has developed significantly, which results in the transformation and breakthrough of all areas of the globe. Besides, the Internet and social network has got more popular and become an indispensable part of modern life. Online business, therefore, is formed and conducted the most frequently on social networking platforms. In the process … Read More

Background Check Service in Vietnam

Risk of disputes from transactions through social networks in Vietnam

Social networks have become popular and become an indispensable part of modern life. Along with the development of the internet, social networking applications are also used by many people as a transaction method to exchange and conclude contracts or business transaction with each other.   When a dispute occurs, it is difficult for the parties … Read More

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Background Check Service in Vietnam

Why need the background check service in Vietnam? Vietnam is a developing countries where opportunities are coupled with risks. Risks in Vietnam could appear in different forms i.e. risks in doing business with untrustworthy partners or incapable partners, risks in employing the wrong people or people with criminal record, risks in buying goods from scammers…Hence … Read More

Risk Management in Vietnam

Signs of possible corporate frauds to notice and avoid

Vietnam has signed many Free Trade Agreements with many countries and regions around the world, which makes international economic exchange easier. However, the expansion of international trade also makes many businesses at risk when they encounter fraudulent customers in their business. According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, in 2020, the Trade and Embassy … Read More

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