Vietnam company formation

Why foreign company should undertake policy and regulatory research before entering Vietnam market?

When entering a new market, especially the business environment of a developing country like Vietnam, foreign company always have to be cautious and should undertake research investment environment and target company for M&A, or business cooperation carefully. Besides socio-cultural factors, the differences in political and legal factors are important issues. In particular, it is really … Read More

Setting up company in Ho Chi Minh City

What are 4 reasons to set up company in Ho Chi Minh city?

Benefits that Ho Chi Minh city can offer the investors to chose as a destination to make investment Ho Chi Minh City is considered as Vietnam’s economic hub. During the long history of foundation and development, the city’s economy is growing constantly and motivating the development of the country. The city is therefore considered as … Read More

Set up company

Da Nang City to carry out investment promotion in 2022 in the direction of innovation, initiative, focus, and prioritize on strategic markets

In 2022, Da Nang selected the theme as “Year of safe and flexible adaptation, effective disease control and socio-economic recovery and development”. Accordingly, the city has built the Investment Promotion Program in 2022 in the direction of innovation, initiative, focus, prioritizing strategic markets for key fields (high technology, information technology, high-quality service, etc.) to attract … Read More

Set up company in Vietnam

Implementation of the UKVFTA Agreement

On May 1st, 2021, the Free Trade Agreement between Vietnam and the United Kingdom (UKVFTA) officially came into effect, marking an important symbolic step in the growing partnership between Vietnam and UK, facilitating the trade between the two countries, hence making more UK investors choose Vietnam as a destination to make investment, and set up … Read More

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