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Information Memorandum

Kaiso Project, Vientiane, Lao P.D.R.


1. Padaeng Industry Public Company Limited (PDI), Thailand, signed a Zinc exploration agreement with government of Laos in October 28, 2006. PDI transferred right to Padaeng Industry (Laos) Co., Ltd (PDL) a company registered in Laos to operate under the agreement.

2. Work program has been divided into 3 phases namely Prospecting, Exploration and Feasibility. Project is now under Exploration phase.

3. License areas currently cover 400 square kilometers in Kasi district, Vientiane province and Nan district, Luang Prabang province.

4. Exploration License has been extended in January 2012 until January 2014. Can be extended.

Exploration work

1. Exploration works on Kasi project had been conducted under international standard for exploration with close consultation by international reputable expertise.

2. Work done comprised of:

2.1 Geological Mapping covering 400 km2

2.2 Regional sampling: 5,500 samples for stream sediment, shallow and deep soil and rock minerals.

2.3 Deep soil sampling for 1,900 holes with accumulated depth of 10,000 meters.

2.4 Diamond Drill for 111 holes with accumulated depth of 17,000 meters.

2.5 Geophysic to cover 2 km2

2.6 Samples from above activities were analyzed by certified in-house laboratory with random checks by laboratory in Australia.

Result from Exploration

1. Many zinc anomalies presented thru out the concession area. Significant part is called “Pha Vang Sam (PVS)”. The areas cover approximately 10km2.

2. Reserves at PSV which calculated by using inverse distance squared in SURPAC are:

2.1 PVS North: 892,000 t @ 9% Zn, 2% Pb, 155 g/t Ag and 0.2 g/t Au. Ore presented from surface to approximately 200 m.

2.2 PVS South: 17,000 t @ 13% Zn (Oxide)

2.3 Area in between PVS North and South also show significant reserve. Three drilling holes intersect ore as follow:

– KAD056: 6.6 m interval of 19.23% Zn, 3.85% Pb, 0.17% Cu, 131 g/t Ag, 0.34 g/t Au

– KAD073: 4.2 m interval of 21.4% Zn, 1.24% Pb, 0.38% Cu, 107 g/t Ag (NO Au???)

– KAD075: 10.1 m interval of 21.9% Zn, 5.31% Pb, 0.2% Cu, 143 g/t Ag, 0.33 g/t Au

3. Apart from zinc anomalies, copper, lead, silver and gold anomalies are also strongly present. Local people have conducted basic gold screening from rivers for many years. Potential areas in the concession are:

3.1 Pha Ka: Zinc anomalies scattering together with polymetallic (Pb-Au).

3.2 Copper Valley: Cu oxide outcrop in limestone.

3.3 Nong Sarn: Zn-Pn anomalies.

3.4 Huai Tang Nai: Zn-Cu-Ba-Au anomalies.

3.5 Huai Lak Say: Zn oxide in limestone.

Future work required

1. At PVS, all necessary geological data are obtained and PDL is preparing to submit final exploration report to government to enter into Feasibility Study phase.

2. Detail explorations are required for other potential areas.

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