Vietnam’s advantage of attracting FDI after Covid-19

In the period of many countries in the world and in the region competing for attracting FDI, especially when the wave of diversification of supply chains after the Covid-19 epidemic is growing sharply, Vietnam is considered to be one of the countries with the most FDI attraction in Southeast Asia for investors to set up company.

Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country with a fast-growing economy, stable politics, young population, abundant labor costs and competitive costs compared to other countries in the region. Besides other names such as Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, each country has a different advantage to attract FDI enterprises from Japan, Korea, EU, USA, etc. However, Vietnam is still the expected destination of many investors.

As a landlocked nation with an extensive international port system throughout the country, Vietnam has a superior position in trading and exchanging goods with other countries. With the investment in infrastructure, the development of international seaports and airports, Vietnam is gradually becoming a destination for international investors. In addition, Vietnam’s infrastructure develops relatively evenly across regions, not so different between regions, so investors can freely choose the right investment location for themselves.

Vietnam is a country with a young population in Southeast Asia, a country with the lowest labor costs in Southeast Asia, the labor force in Vietnam is fully trained in many different fields. Not only that, workers in Vietnam are gradually improving their foreign language skills, so that they can meet the needs of international investors, which will make it easier for investors to find the suitable human resources. The human resources in Vietnam not only help businesses invest in Vietnam but also qualified to implement projects of investors in many other countries.

In addition, Vietnam is a politically stable country in the region and investors can be assured of making investments in Vietnam. Along with that, Vietnamese culture has many similarities with Japan and Korea, many investors can make investments without worrying about the cultural differences that will affect the project implementation.

At a time when the cost of doing business in other countries in the region is increasing, the demand for investment movement out of China of international investors is growing strongly, Vietnam needs to seize opportunities, improve infrastructure, create policy clearance, helping investors to attract maximum quality FDI investors to invest, set up company, obtain investment registration certificate and business certificate, transfer in investment capital, hire local people helping create the economic recovery process and business development in Vietnam.

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