Vietnam will be in the top 3 on export growth

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Vietnam, India and China will be among the world’s three leading countries on export growth, with the annual rate reached double digits in the next 7 years.

According to the report, in the near future, China will remain as Brazil’s biggest export market, while India and Vietnam will become the export partners with the fastest growth rate of China. When China began to shift to higher value-added industries, this will bring the opportunities for other countries with lower labor costs such as Vietnam and Bangladesh.This information is provided by HSBC and Oxford Economics British economic consulting firm made in a recently published report.

By 2030, India will become one of the top five export partners of Argentina. Meanwhile, the trade relations between Argentina and other countries in the Asia-Pacific region such as Korea, Vietnam, China and Malaysia are also enhanced.

The above report has also made the comment on the exports between the world’s leading emerging markets will create impetus for global growth in the coming decades, altering the flow of trade in the international market. The trade exchange between emerging markets will grow faster in the period from now to 2030 when the economies grow stronger with higher domestic demand. The emerging markets will grow with amazing speed and reshape the pattern of world trade in the next 20 years.

(Source: VnPlus, ANT Consulting)

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