US Businesses Intend to Move to Vietnam

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Is Vietnam ready for relocation investment?

Answering this question, the flow of foreign investment, particularly the United States to Vietnam will have great changes.

Is Vietnam ready?

This question is again raised, this time from Mrs Marie Diron, Managing Director of the National Credit Risk Group for Asia and the Pacific (Moody’s).

Mrs Marie Diron posed this issue at the Seminar on The Indian Ocean – Pacific Strategy and its Economic Impact on Vietnam, seeking solutions to promote sustainable development in Vietnam and other countries in the area (in the framework of the Asian Economic Forum held by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) and the American Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (Amcham) last week in Ho Chi Minh City).

The relationship between the US and China remains complicated, yet it cannot be correctly identified. Foreign manufacturers in China tend to move their investments to Vietnam, but the institutions, human resources, infrastructure, or hardware and software of Vietnam are generally ready to welcome this shift?

Just a few days ago, at the Vietnam Business Forum (VBF) 2018, Mr Michael Kelly, Chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (AmCham) has mentioned the results of AmCham’s recent survey to the US businesses in China, whereby one-third have relocated or are considering relocating some of their manufacturing facilities to overseas. A separate survey of foreign companies from other countries shows that half are considering relocation and Southeast Asia is their top choice.

China will remain an important member of the global supply chain. But with the shift in investment, Vietnam is gaining benefits. The question is how can Vietnam take full advantage of this opportunity to keep up the pace of rapid economic growth?

On the US investors side, according to Chairman of AmCham, they know what they need. Vietnamese businesses and foreign invested enterprises need an equal and supportive environment for development. That means the relationship between investors and the administration needs to be mutual and transparent.

In particular, Chairman of AmCham said that there should be improvements in important areas that have great significance to Vietnam’s competitiveness, they are energy (to strengthen Vietnam’s future); facilitate trade and flow of goods; creating a more attractive, transparent and stable business environment; fully exploiting the potential of the digital economy in Vietnam; and modernize education, ensuring reasonable labor costs.

AmCham believes that the business environment can be improved by increasing productivity and reducing costs as well as business risks in Vietnam. More importantly, reducing costs and business risks will benefit Vietnamese businesses – many of which are small and medium enterprises – and will also promote entrepreneurship and start-up spirit, ensuring competitiveness and growth in the future of Vietnam.

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