The processing and manufacturing industry leads in attracting foreign investment in Vietnam

In the first 05 months of 2021, the processing and manufacturing industry continues to be the leading industry in attracting foreign investment, with a total investment capital of 6.14 billion USD.

According to the General Statistics Office, in the first 05 months of 2021, the foreign investors have invested in 18 industries and fields, of which the processing and manufacturing industry leads the way with a total investment of 6.14 billion USD, accounting for 43.9% of total registered investment capital.

The field of electricity production and distribution ranked second with a total investment of 5.43 billion USD, accounting for 38.8% of the total registered investment capital. Followed by real estate, wholesale and retail business with a total registered capital of 1.05 billion USD and nearly 522 million USD.

According to statistics, until the end of May 2021, the total newly registered capital, adjusted and contributed capital, bought shares, purchased capital contribution of foreign investors reached nearly 14 billion USD, up by 0. 8% over the same period in 2020, realized capital of foreign direct investment projects were estimated at 7.15 billion USD, up 6.7% over the same period in 2020.

In the first 5 months of 2021, there were 613 new projects granted investment registration certificates, the total registered capital reached nearly 8.83 billion USD (up 18.6% over the same period), 342 projects registered to adjust investment capital, the total registered capital increased to 3.86 billion USD, and 1,422 times of capital contribution to buy shares from foreign investors, total value of capital contribution reached 1.31 billion USD.

According to investment partners, there are 70 countries and territories have invested in Vietnam, of which Singapore leads with a total investment capital of 5.26 billion USD, Japan ranks second with a total investment capital of 2.59 billion USD, Korea ranked third with a total registered investment capital of 1.83 billion USD, followed by China, Hong Kong, Taiwan…

In 2021, although still affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, with many policies to restore the economy and support foreign investors, Vietnam has made many outstanding achievements in attracting FDI. With this achievement, Vietnam hopes that many international investors would research the market in Vietnam, research for the reputation of the company, research for records of enterprises find reliable partners for business cooperation or choose Vietnam as an investment destination for setting up company not only in the field of processing and manufacturing but also in many other investment fields so that they can contribute to promoting the country’s economy and investors in the future.

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