The Flow of Korean FDI into The Central Region and Highlands of Vietnam

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According to the Foreign Investment Agency (Ministry of Planning and Investment), nearly 4.4 billion USD has been invested by Korean businesses in the Central Region and Highlands so far.

In mid-December 2020, LG Electronics (Korea) put LG VS Research Center into operation at DITP building – Trung Nam Land (Da Nang). This is the third center in Vietnam that LG has established, after the centers in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

According to Vice Chairman of Da Nang City People’s Committee, recently, the city has received the attention of Korean businesses and investors. The most recent is the ICT Vina II medical equipment factory project of ICT Vina Company in Da Nang Hi-Tech Park, with a total investment of 60 million USD. This is one of the typical foreign direct investment (FDI) projects of Korean investors in the Central Region – Highlands of Vietnam.

According to the director of the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (Kotra) in Da Nang, in previous years, Korean businesses were interested in investing in the tourism sector in Da Nang, but in recent years, they pay much attention to the field of processing, manufacturing and outsourcing technology.

In Da Nang, as of November 2020, Korea is the foreign investor with the most number of projects, with 232 projects, total registered capital of 376 million USD, focusing in the fields of services, real estate, industrial production and information technology.

In fact, in terms of FDI inflows from Korea in the Central Region, it must be mentioned the appearance of the Doosan Vina brand in Dung Quat Economic Zone (Quang Ngai). This is the first FDI enterprise, also the most successful enterprise today in the heavy industry sector in Quang Ngai.

With the estimated revenue of 200 million USD/year, Doosan Vina makes a great contribution to the budget revenue and enhances the export value of Quang Ngai. Doosan Vina is creating jobs for about 2,000 employees, of which over 85% are Quang Ngai citizen.

Binh Dinh is also a locality that has been interested by Korean businesses recently. According to the Center for Investment Promotion of Binh Dinh Province, the projects coming from Korean investors are the 70 million USD solar power projects invested by QN Korea Energy Company; Project of high-tech pork farm of New Hop Livestock Company Limited, invested nearly 5 million USD; Wesbrook Vietnam wood processing factory project, invested USD 2.5 million…

In the Central Region – Highlands of Vietnam, in the first 9 months of 2020, Korea is the leading partner in terms of total registered capital in the region, reaching 79.41 million USD with 23 new projects, focusing on processing sectors, manufacturing, technological expertise, accommodation and catering services.

Accumulated to date, Korea is second only to Singapore in this area. Korean enterprises are present in most of the strong sectors and fields of localities such as heavy industry, real estate, tourism, textiles, manufacturing, processing and investment in industrial zone infrastructure.

With the potentials of strategic location, natural resources, abundant human resources, an increasingly complete infrastructure system, the advantage of developing tourism real estate with a series of cultural heritages, long and beautiful coastlines… Combined with new strengths such as trade and investment agreements, breakthrough investment incentive mechanisms and policies, many provinces in the Central Region – Highlands are becoming trust and safety investment destinations of foreign investors, especially Korean businesses.

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