The Czech Republic prioritizes investing in Vietnam

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The Czech Republic prioritizes investing in Vietnam

At the Czech – Vietnamese Business Forum occurred on January 21st, Mr. Jaroslav Hanak, President of the Czech Republic association said: “Vietnam is one of the 12 countries that Czech republic promote the development of trade cooperation and investment in the future. “

Currently, the Czech Republic is among the largest customers of Vietnam in Eastern Europe. According to data in 2012, two-way trade exchange between Vietnam and the Czech Republic reached 242.1 million USD, increased by 10.1% compared to 2011 and became the highest number ever.

Thus, Vietnam has still achieved export surplus to the Czech Republic. The major goods of Vietnam exporting to the Czech Republic including textiles, footwear, seafood, machinery, equipment, tools, candy and cereal products, means of transportation. Since 2011, the phone and components are also in the list of Vietnam’s major exports to the Czech Republic.In particular, Vietnam exported to the Czech Republic 180.05 million USD, with a turnover of approximately with 2011. However, import from the Czech Republic has increased quite impressive with an increase of 70% to 62.02 million USD compared to 37 million USD in 2011.

Goods that Vietnam import from the Czech Republic include machinery, equipment, tools, spare parts and steel products.

As of May 2012, the Czech Republic has 27 investment projects in Vietnam with a total registered capital of more than 65 million USD, focus on projects in crystal glass, beer, equipment, processing, high linen, building materials and the potential fields (the strength of the Czech Republic) which are energy and transportation (locomotives, wagons, buses, trams serving the city traffic), mechanical (machinery, engines, agricultural machinery, irrigation equipment).

(Source: BDT, ANT Consulting)

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