Quang Nam promotes and attracts foreign investment in 2021

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At earlier of 2021, the representative of Quang Nam province proposed the province’s investment promotion program in 2021. Accordingly, the objective of Quang Nam province is to promote investment promotion in the following fields: supporting industries; agro-forestry-fishery processing industry, building materials; agricultural production towards high efficiency; field of investment, construction and business of infrastructure of industrial zones, industrial zones, airport infrastructure, seaports, urban transport infrastructure.

In the industrial structure, focus on investment promotion projects in supporting industries for mechanical engineering, automobiles, supporting industries for electricity, electronics and textiles – footwear, processing of products which use the local material.

The representative of Quang Nam province committed to promoting the improvement of the investment environment, administrative reform, and improving the efficiency of investment promotion. Quang Nam recognized the importance of investment promotion on the spot through increasing support for projects that have been licensed for investment; directly work with investors to determine the portfolio of projects to expand production and business in accordance with the capacity of the investor and the potential and strength of the province.  The province also focuses on dialogue activities with businesses and investors to promptly solve difficulties, problems, proposals and recommendations of investors.

However, Quang Nam will resolutely refuse to attract projects with high risk of causing environmental pollution, wasteful exploitation of resources, outdated technology, etc.

In addition, Quang Nam will cooperate with research institutes, domestic and foreign investment consulting companies to conduct research activities, evaluate investment potentials and trends of investment partners. foreign countries such as Japan, Korea, the US, Europe… and large domestic enterprises and investors. Also, the province intends to organize overseas investment promotion in the target markets of the following countries: Japan, Korea, Russia, Dubai, Hong Kong, Taiwan… Continue to review, update and build the list project calling for investment in Quang Nam province. In particular, it will review the status of projects that have been implemented, projects that have had an investor or issued an investment policy but are slow to implement, projects that have had their investment registration certificates revoked, collected land recovery … to avoid the situation of “hanging” projects, attracting and calling for qualified investors to implement the project.

According to statistics from the Department of Planning and Investment of Quang Nam province, in 2020, the province has granted 50 new domestic projects with a total investment of VND 8,140 billion. Regarding foreign investment projects (FDI), in 2020, Quang Nam province has granted 7 new foreign investment projects, with a total registered investment capital of more than USD 33 million by investors from the following countries: Korea China, Singapore, Macau, Hong Kong, France, Germany.

The total number of valid projects in the province so far is 197 projects with a total investment of more than USD 5.93 billion.

With efforts to attract FDI, Quang Nam hopes to be an investment destination for domestic and foreign investors to set up company, to contribute to the province’s socio-economic development and to maximize profits for investors. fourth in the future.

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