Can Gio – The Potential Land for Tourism Investors

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According to the plan of Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), by 2020, the number of visitors coming to Can Gio will reach 6 million. That is really a good sign for the Vietnam tourism industry.

HCMC welcomes 30 million tourists a year. Just to find out how to bring these visitors to Can Gio as Pattaya attracts visitors from Bangkok, Can Gio will boom over Nha Trang, Vung Tau, Phan Thiet to become the leading tourist center of Vietnam.

Located only 50 kilometers from the center of Saigon, the four sides are covered by rivers and sea, and owns more than 30,000 hectares of mangroves that have been recognized by UNESCO as the world biosphere reserve. Can Gio is considered to have the potential to become a leading tourist center of the area.

If compared to the leading paradise of the Thai region such as Pattaya, Can Gio is not inferior in terms of natural conditions, such as the quality of the beach, the area of forest, river and mountain… Even Can Gio has more advantages in geographic location: While Pattaya is 100 km far from Bangkok – Thailand’s largest tourist center, Can Gio is just 50 km from Ho Chi Minh City.

However, to date, the “billion dollars” potential of Can Gio has not been awakened. As if every year HCMC welcomes about 30 million visitors, Can Gio attracts only 3% of visitors from HCMC (1 million visitors).

Starting from 2017, the obstacles of Can Gio real estate and tourism have begun to be resolved.

On traffic, Can Gio Bridge started construction will solve traffic congestion connecting HCMC with Can Gio. When the two bridges were completed, the time to travel from the center of Saigon to Can Gio was only about 30 minutes instead of 1.5 – 2 hours as before.

In terms of entertainment, the two billion-dollar entertainment complexes of Vingroup and Tuan Chau with a scale of up to thousands of hectares with five-star resorts, golf courses, casino, entertainment area… will become two destinations attracting millions of tourists from HCMC to visit and spend money. In addition, there is La Maison De Can Gio project of Phuoc Loc Company.

We can see that the number of visitors coming to Can Gio as planned in 2020 will be up to 6 million guests. But the number of large scale hotels in this area is not available now, so investing in resort complexes is seen as an opportunity for investors.

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