Branding “Kien Giang tourism”

Kien Giang is like a small Vietnam with biodiversity and mountains, forests, rivers, lakes, seas and islands.

The potential and advantages of Kien Giang tourism is widely distributed throughout the province, but most are concentrated in places that have been well known by many domestic and foreign tourists as Ha Tien, Kien Luong, Rach Gia, Hon Dat, Kien Hai, U Minh Thuong. In particular, Kien Giang has the world biosphere reserve with an area of ​​1.1 million ha, which are good conditions for the development of ecotourism asscociate with science research.

Particularly, Phu Quoc island has been planned to became the national, regional and international sea, eco-tourism resort, entertainment. With natural landscape and excellent geographical conditions, efforts on innovation policies to advertise, promote for investment and tourism infrastructure construction…, Phu Quoc island is becoming the point to attract tourists and foreign investors…

With the potential and advantages mentioned above, recently, Kien Giang tourism industry has become an important economic sector and are striving for the goal of becoming the province’s key economic sector in the coming years.

Transportation infrastructure to tourism in the province and on Phu Quoc island are in the period of basically complete, with a total investment from 1998 to now is estimated at 19,000 billion VND. Infrastructure to serve the tourism industry developed rapidly, from 38 facilities with 605 rooms in 1998 now increased to 256 facilities with 4929 rooms, which there are many resorts and hotels with the modern international standards.

Phu Quoc like a great site with urgently construction projects. In particular, the Phu Quoc International Airport has just been put into operation will create more favorable for trade development and exploit international travel …

Tourism products has been gradually diversifying with many types of cultural tourism, eco-resorts; tourism exploring the forest, sea caves associated with characteristics of abundant tourism resources of Kien Giang Province .

The above results have created a new face for the province’s tourism. Visiting tourist arrivals and tourism receipts continued to increase over the years. Along with the social income and budget, tourism creates jobs for 5978 employees in the tourism industry, contributing to the economic growth of the province and economic restructuring in the direction of increasing the proportion of the services, at the same time, establish the brand for Kien Giang tourism, including Phu Quoc for domestic and international tourists.

With the common goal that up to 2015, development Kien Giang tourism becoming an important economic sector in the province, one of the tourist center of the Mekong Delta area, extensive connections with the ASEAN, Kien Giang continue to focus on investment and improving the quality of tourism human resources.

Specifically, the provincial establish policy to attract high quality human resources for the tourism industry; construction tourism infrastructure such as construction funding mechanism developed transport infrastructure, parks, destination; investment synchronous development, technical facilities tourism, recreation services for domestic and foreign tourists…

(Source: Investment Times)

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