Advantage in the sector of small-scale FDI projects.

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Most of the projects with foreign direct investment (FDI) registered in Vietnam in the first eight months are small and tiny projects. There were 126 projects with investment capital equal or less than 100,000 USD.

The projects mainly in the fields of consulting services, commercial business and manufacturing software. Small-scale enterprises registered making new total registered capital of Vietnam in August was only $ 449 million.

Thus, the total registered FDI capital in Vietnam in the first eight months of the year reached 8.5 billion USD, accounting for only 66.1% over the same period last year.

Mental screening and effective searching for FDI projects are spread across the country. Leader of department of planning and investment from a number of localities have said that the top priority of them are high-tech projects, projects using large amount of trained labour. They will not welcome land-intensive, resource-intensive and cheap labor-intensive projects.

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