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Technology supply chain plans to leave China for Vietnam?

China has been considered a place where world leading technology investors chose to set up production factories due to cheap labor costs and abundant resources. However, recently with the changes of power supply in plant operation, it has affected the operation of technology enterprises, supply chain and product productivity. Therefore, many technology enterprises have planned … Read More

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Da Nang Ranks First in Information Technology Application Index

At the end of April 2021, the Ministry of Information and Communications announced the ranking of the readiness index for the application and development of Vietnam’s information technology (Vietnam ICT Index) 2020, in which Da Nang was ranked first in 12 consecutive years of this ranking. After 16 years of evaluation and ranking, Da Nang … Read More

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The Growth Trend of Vietnam Telecom Industry

Vietnam telecom industry is a major sector of the economy, contributing to the development of the whole country. This sector is promised to develop rapidly in the future. Presently, the global economic integration is the inevitable trend of the world, including Vietnam. When Vietnam opens its market and participates in the large economic organizations, the … Read More

Telecom intelligence in Vietnam

How Vietnam Telecommunications Develop in 2015

There have been changes within the Vietnam telecom industry with the restructuring of VNPT and Viettel, which made the competition becoming more intense. The year 2014 has undergone with many changes within the telecommunications industry of Vietnam. The change in personnel and structure of the two corporations that are VNPT and Viettel made the competition becoming more … Read More

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Apple’s Co-founder Comes to Vietnam

Apple’s Co-founder Steve Wozniak will attend Vietnam SMAC Conference 2015 and share IT experience with 400 businessmen in Ho Chi Minh City on December 2nd 2015. If Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs is remembered as the person who bring Apple to the world then Steve Wozniak is the great technical brain of Apple that help to create … Read More

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