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Vietnam Personal Income Tax Laws Foreigners Should Know

As the deadline for declaring Personal Income Tax (PIT) is approaching, we are reviewing some tax laws in Vietnam that foreigners working and earning in Vietnam should know and comply. Law No. 71/2014/QH13 dated 26 November 2014 issued by Vietnam National Assembly amending five tax laws including Law on Personal Income Tax (“PIT”) and Law … Read More

Tax consult in Vietnam

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Depending on type of enterprises, but generally, an operating enterprise must conduct procedures to pay taxes according to the provision of law. These type of taxes can be mentioned as the follow: License Tax; Enterprise Income Tax is applicable to goods and services production and business organizations which have taxable income under the provision of … Read More

Tax consultants in Vietnam

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Tax in Vietnam is a complicated problem and is one of company’s big concerns in business operation. According to Vietnam Law on Tax Administration, tax registration and tax declaration are two of core obligations. For tax registration, Law on Tax Administration determines that tax registrants include: business organizations, households and individuals; individuals who have incomes … Read More

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