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Korean Investors Research to Invest in Solar Power Projects in Quang Tri Province

IL Yang Industrial Company (Korea) is planning to invest in Vietnam, conducting research, study, proceed to set up company building solar power plant in Quang Tri province, Vietnam. On December 22nd, IL Yang Industrial Company (Korea) had a meeting with Quang Tri People’s Committee to discuss their investment in solar power project in Quang Tri province. … Read More

Energy consultant in Vietnam

Solar Energy Power Future in Vietnam

Although the initial investment cost for solar energy in Vietnam is high but it brings in opportunities for cheaper option than thermal power technology being used in Vietnam. In other country, solar power plants are competing fiercely with the thermal power plants running on coal. In Vietnam, Thien Tan solar energy plant has been started … Read More

Energy consultant in Vietnam

Solar Power Projects Appear More and More in The Central Region: Foreign Contractors Take Advantage

The Central Coast from Quang Ngai to Ninh Thuan is becoming a huge solar power construction site with a series of projects being groundbreaking and starting construction, in which foreign contractors make bold marks. In the second half of 2018 and the early days of January 2019, a series of solar power projects were started … Read More

Energy consultant in Vietnam

Progress of Solar Power Plant Projects Approval up to June 2019

It appears that the implementation plan of national power has revealed a number of difficulties and limitations. In particular, many power projects have encountered slow progress compared with the plan, especially power projects in the South such as Long Phu I, Long Phu II, Song Hau I, Song Hau II, Vinh Tan III … The … Read More

Energy consultant in Vietnam

Shinhwa Group E&E (Korea) Invested in Solar Water Project in Quang Tri

Shinhwa E&E Co., Ltd (Korea) has conducted the survey and agreed to select the location of Trieu Thuong 1 and Trieu Thuong 2 lakes (Trieu Phong district, Quang Tri province) to implement two energy projects sun on the water in Quang Tri Province. On January 24th, Shinhwa E&E Co., Ltd (Korea) had a meeting with … Read More

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