Researching a company's reputation in Vietnam1

Research for the reputation of the company in Vietnam: Risk Management

Risk management is a vital element when doing business but so far, not many enterprises concern about it.   Researching a company’s reputation in Vietnam is an essential component of risk management for several reasons. In an increasingly interconnected and competitive global business landscape, understanding a company’s reputation can provide valuable insights into potential risks and … Read More

Background Check Service in Vietnam

Risk of disputes from transactions through social networks in Vietnam

Social networks have become popular and become an indispensable part of modern life. Along with the development of the internet, social networking applications are also used by many people as a transaction method to exchange and conclude contracts or business transaction with each other.   When a dispute occurs, it is difficult for the parties … Read More

Regulatory research service in Vietnam

How to minimize risks buying from Vietnam sellers in the new era?

Currently, the purchase and sale of international goods are very popular from Vietnam and around the world, taking the advantage of Vietnam the signing a number of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs), and the application of technology 4.0 in the business helping the international transaction of goods just got easier.  However there are many risks involved … Read More

Risk Advisory in Vietnam

Tips to reduce risks when purchasing medical supplies from Vietnam

As the Covid 19 pandemic is still occurring in many countries around the world, a large number of medical equipment or accessories being Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as N95 respirator masks, surgical masks and other items essential to protecting doctors, nurses, others on the front lines of the pandemic are required to be purchased … Read More

Risk Advisory in Vietnam

Risks in Business Activities of Enterprise: The Arising Causes

Risk is something that nobody expected but we have to accept to live together with it. Identifying risks and creating solutions to prevent it and also minimize losses when it happens are what businesses should do. That is positive solution instead of accepting risks. So what “risk” is? There are many definitions of risk, in which … Read More

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