Set up Joint Stock Company in vietnam

Set up Joint Stock Company in Vietnam

Joint Stock Company is an enterprise which has charter capital divided into equal portions called shares. The minimum number of shareholders shall be three and there shall be no restriction on the maximum number. Shareholders shall be liable for the debts and other property obligations of the enterprise only within the amount of capital contributed … Read More

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Vietnam Market Research

Market research is an important operation. If the market research is well done, it provides accurate information to help marketers make an appropriate strategy and then, bring high efficiency in business. In other words, if the result of market research is inaccurate information and does not correctly reflect the actual market situation, marketing activities will … Read More

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Due Diligence in Choosing Business Partner

Joint ventures and association in business will bring many opportunities for the development and success, especially expanding and making entry into new Vietnam as new market through cross border transaction, setting up company, acquiring shares in new company. However, it is not easy to choose partners to help maximize the value for business, especially in … Read More

Set-up factory in Vietnam

FDI Flows into Vietnam’s Geotechnical Engineering

The need for strong development of infrastructure in Vietnam is attracting more and more foreign businesses in the geotechnical engineering industry to come and set up business in Vietnam. Geonia, a leading corporation in Korea specializing in the production of high quality geotextile product (the fabric with permeability, when using to line in the soil, … Read More

Establish company in Vietnam

Finished the TPP Negotiation, Vietnam Entered the New Playground

At a press conference held in Atlanta (USA), the Trans-Pacific partnership agreement (TPP) has ended negotiations and this has meant alot for Vietnam in terms of attracting investment. 12 TPP partners have achieved things that previously seemed impossible to achieve. After more than 5 years of intense negotiations, we have an agreement to support job, … Read More

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