Set-up Partnership in Vietnam

Set-up Partnership in VietnamA partnership is an enterprise which must be at least two members being co-owners of the company jointly conducting business under one common name.  In addition to unlimited liability partners, there may be limited liability partners. Unlimited liability partners must be individuals who shall be liable for the obligations of the company to the extent ... [Read more...]

Set-up Joint Stock Company in Vietnam

Joint Stock Company is an enterprise which has charter capital divided into equal portions called shares. The minimum number of shareholders shall be three and there shall be no restriction on the maximum number. Shareholders shall be liable for the debts and other property obligations of the enterprise only within the amount of capital contributed … [Read more…]

Why Japan Investors Invest in Vietnam

The depreciation of yen against dollar, more available funds for loans from Japanese banks, and the fast aging population make Japanese corporations increasing investment in foreign markets including Vietnam through setting up business venture. In a morning of Jan 22nd 2015, the office of Ministry of Planning and Investment and Foreign Investment Agency have met … [Read more…]