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Why Market Research and Risk Evaluation Are Important for Foreign Investment?

Market research and risks assessment before investing or having any business cooperation, especially in the period of integration, trade between countries, have become very popular. When entering Vietnam, the new market with different cultures, market mechanism, the first and indispensable step is to do market research, evaluate the risks to know the strengths, weaknesses of … Read More

Vietnam market entry strategy

Information Research in Vietnam

At ANT Consulting, we assist clients with search and information research in Vietnam as required. In particular, we do assist client to survey, interview, locate, check, investigate, verify information. The report we provide would help clients make better decision in investment, business transaction, employment or Intellectual Property matters. Let ANT Consulting help your business in … Read More

Vietnamese Media Search

How Business Information Could Be Searched in Vietnam?

Provisions on announcing of business information are stipulated in various laws and degrees in Vietnam, allowing the interested party to be searching for business purpose for information in regard to investment registration certificate number, business registration certificate number and others information. In particular, after the enterprise being granted an enterprise registration certificate, it shall carry … Read More

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