Manager Position in Accounting and Tax

ANT Consulting in Hanoi recruitment

We are currently hiring managerial position in Accounting and Tax for our office in Hanoi to take cares of clients of accounting and tax services in Vietnam.  Two associates will report to this position.

Job descriptions:

– Do bookkeeping to clients; check accounting docs, prepare VAT, PIT, CIT, FCT and other Tax returns, process general accounting to make the financial statements, coordinate with client’ audit for auditing annual financial statement.
– Participate in checking invoices and accounting docs and other work in CIT finalization.
– Advise to clients about taxes and accounting issues.
– Assist Director in other related jobs i.e. business development

1. Manage the corporate accounting system of clients:
– Provide the modelling of accounting system which is suitable for the company activities (mainly Import/Export), scope of work and specific of company’s business operation;
– Manage the accounting control system to ensure that all finance and accounting data is correct, sufficient, accurate and on time in order to support Management Control Department in the process of consolidation of accounts and reporting to the Executive Committee;
– Centralize the management of the supplier’s debt controlling system in order to help all suppliers and member companies to manage their credit and minimize bad debt;
– Oversee the support team and control the accounting system to ensure the whole accounting system is running properly and in compliance with the accounting principles. To make sure accounting book is closed properly in line with timeline, including all intercompany declarations;
– Provide accounting processes built on the minimization of manual works and the maximization of computerized procedures. To implement all merger processes, focus in business and management to save cost and to increase productivity;
– Co-ordinate with internal audit department on the company annual audit planning, to ensure that all recommendation by auditors are implemented with sufficiency and accuracy;
– Work with auditing companies for arisen issues, questions related to accounting standards: VAS, IAS and other financial reports in accordance with VAS. To deploy the implementation of standards applicable to companies.

2. Tax Management
– Manage tax risks, conduct tax risks report to track and eliminate arisen issues in companies.
– Oversee taxation issues arisen by new regulations, laws companies, to work with tax consulting agencies or to correspond with Tax Authority to get the specific tax guidance applicable for companies;
– Work with tax local authorities on the issue of tax finalization to ensure that companies pay tax properly and timely, to get VAT refunded for companies;
– Support companies in appeal to General Department of Taxation and Ministry of Finance against tax finalization or VAT refund;
– Consult tax matters to various clients

– Bachelor degree, major in accounting – auditing, finance;
– Have the relevant experience, especially in Tax consulting at accounting consulting firm, audit corporation;
– Management and entrepreneurship skills;
– Fluent in English (Reading,Writing, Speaking);
– Work mainly in Hanoi. Traveling to HCMC might be required.

Applicants to send resume with pictures via email

About ANT Consulting:

ANT Consulting assists the clients from the outset; providing intelligence, information, management or support, corporate, secretarial, and administrative services that assist market entrance, and ensure efficient business start-up operation. We strive to save cost by guiding client towards economical solutions that comply with local legislation and procedures. We support the client through early logistic solutions and carry through as the client’s business grows.  We aim to bridge the gap between international best practices and local cultures and assist foreign companies and organizations entering Vietnam market to overcome commercial and regulatory issues.

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